*still working away...and blowing my nose.*

{i'm feeling pretty good...about my inventory that is. i still have this annoying cold with a drippy nose. ugh...but i have to say..i'm finished with my inventory for Paideia (yay!) and feeling good about all the goodies i will have for the ICE show. i've still got a ton of work to do but...i'm working through it all...cold or no cold..i'm going to have a stocked booth!!}

{button ties are ready for the show...now i need to continue working on shirts, pin a bunch of bibs and cut out the remaining pieces for my possible new item...}

{p.s. i know it's wednesday but we'll have to wait until next week for "baby" posts. i'll have a bunch of great stuff to show you then! have a great day!}
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