the meaning of friendship is:

 "A unique blend of affection, loyalty, respect, trust and loads of fun is perhaps what describes the true meaning of friendship. Similar interests, mutual respect and strong attachment with each other are what friends share between each other. These are just the general traits of a friendship. To experience what is friendship, one must have true friends, who are indeed rare treasure."

{when b and i started our adoption journey, i remember telling my sisters how badly i wanted to find a support network..a group of people who understood what it was like to journey down the adoption road. i had amazing friends and such a supportive family..but there was a need to have someone know exactly what it was like to adopt. my older sister knew but her own journey was very different from ours. for weeks i searched the internet for local and online groups never to really find something that i felt connected to. one day, i found a blog of another adoptive mom and was so happy. this blog lead me to more blogs and before i knew it...i was leaving comments. they were leaving comments on my blog. these blogs were written by women who either had gone through the adoption process or were in the thick of it. i had never ever thought that i would be able to build such amazing friendships through my blog. a blog i started over five years ago. it was as if this was the whole reason why i had started it. it lead me to the most supportive network of friends i could have ever asked for. friends who live all over the united states (and canada). friends who i've never met in person but feel i know them so well from their blogs, their comments and their personal pictures.
true friends, real relationships.}

{it's amazing what friends do for each other. especially the ones i have never met. crazy right? i feel so lucky to have met so many friends from my blog. they all have become my cheer squad. they are there in good times and hard to bare times. they know just what to do to cheer me up! my friend, kris did just this when she sent me a very special package last week! it was so incredibly touching that my first attempt at taking pictures was a flop because my eyes were so filled with tears. my camera and eyes just could not get focused.}

{she sent me a box that was packaged with three tissue wrapped items and each item was given a little note with a small description. you could tell there was a lot of thought put into each item. this specific package above made my heart leap for joy!}

{Kris sent two Golden Books for little c and I. she wanted us to have them and enjoy them just like she and her son, X does. little did she know that this top Golden Book, Colors are Nice, used to be one of my favorite books. i adored the illustrations and of course all the colors. i believe my copy was probably sold in one of the many family garage sales so i haven't seen it in so many years. it's such a great feeling to have something that i used to have growing up. it exciting to know that i'll be able to share this with our little one!}

{this adorable mushroom package was labeled "for itty bitty c's busy hands". i was so giddy about this item...for many reasons...one because it defiantly will come in handy for future busy hands...but more importantly...}

{it was made by kris and another friend, sue. these two sweet sweet ladies just recently launched their online shop called kimchi keepsakes and this crayon "roll-up" is just one of the many items they sell.  i'm so excited that little c will have a kimchi keepsake creation!!}

{do you remember this little guy? if you noticed in the very first picture, there was a special little blue package that read "i knew i had to get this when i read it makes you happy." kris purchased this little guy for me...to make me happy!!! out of all the items..this made me boo hoo! she took note to something on my blog that brought a smile to my face. now i can look at this little guy every day and smile. not only does it make me happy but it makes me smile from ear to ear knowing i have a special friend who took time to brighten my day...big time!}

{oh and i had to show you how cute and little he is...my heart is full and i feel so incredibly blessed to have such a sweet friend not only in my life but to be with me during this very important journey. thank you so much kris!!! you are such a sweet and amazing person!!}
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