*robotic crush*

fattycakes booth at this year's ICE Holiday show...
{b and i have had a long time crush on fattycakes's stuffed creations...particularly jordan's robots! it all started in the summer of 2008...yes folks..it's been that long! jordan and i both participated in the ice summer show together that year. she was one row over from mine..you can read more here. i remember she had a kick butt banner that i adored. during the show, b and i would take breaks and just wonder over to her booth to look at her adorable creations. we didn't buy anything that show and kicked ourselves for it. we then saw her at the winter show and the crush continued. we both decided that we would buy a robot once we knew the sex of our baby. well little did we know that it wouldn't be in 2009...or early to mid 2010. so at this year's ICE show...jordan was there!! along with her rooooobots! we got to talk to her on the second day of the show and we ended up telling her of our very long crush. b and i knew that we couldn't wait any longer...we needed to just pick one (which was hard!) and finally have a fattycakes robot for little c....and that's what we did...we picked one.} 

{i haven't been able to take a picture of our green-bot yet because it's been raining cats and dogs here..so i had to borrow this picture from jordan's site...you can see our little guy peeking out from behind the pink one! are you developing a crush yet? well if you are...don't let it go as long as we did...get one soon!!}
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