*lmnop highlights*

{so the new lmnop issue is out! i had so much fun looking through the magazine...here are just a couple highlights. these intricate paper crowns/hats...love! i want one for myself!}

{i really adore this idea of making a hobby book for little ones..filling it with their artwork. sort of like a brag book. i know my artistic niece would love to put one of these together. it's super simple too.}

{i've seen these adorable customizable dolls around the web for some time. i even actually had these down as a possible Christmas gift for my two youngest nieces. i ultimately decided they might be better for their individual birthdays. the shop is called sophie and lili. seriously...their outfits are too cute...i love that you can create them to look a little more like the little one you are buying for...or for yourself.
you can see more of them here.}
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