*for you baby*

{yup...we can't help but buy our little one things. even though the wait has grown harder..we still feel the urge to pick up things here and there. when we were Christmas shopping a couple weekends ago, b and i picked up a couple more of these recycled books that we loved. you might recall we picked our first one up at the beginning of the year. here are the two new ones we've added to the collection.}

{some thing that i forgot to share with you earlier was this alphabet folk print that we picked up while attending the ICE show at the end of november. this was created by a designer that i have followed for years. her company is very well known, it's called the small object...and that is exactly what she creates..small objects. this print makes me giggle. each letter is a little person or two. i also picked some thing else up from her booth...}
{this little ornament. even if our little one turns out to be a boy...it will still be displayed in his room. it's too cute not to! oh and sarah (the designer/owner) told me she is more then likely going to discontinue these little guys soon...so if you want one..hurry before it's too late!}

{while i was at the Beehive last week...i noticed these adorable plush ornaments by squirrely girl and had to pick one up for little c. if there are any more next week..i'll get a couple more.}

{oh and one more thing...last year at this time, b and i picked up this globe ornament. we thought it was the perfect ornament for little c. this year after unboxing it, i thought it fit perfectly over the wreath that hangs on little c's door. even though we put the items in the room away..it's still nice to see the little globe hanging on the door.}
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