*my last show*

{started on friday night. i had requested that we be in the same room as my friend and fellow beehive designer Katherine Smith. we were in the same room last year and had the best of time joking and being silly. this year was no different. now it's always a mad rush for all of us designers to get our booths set up and ready for the show. since the Clairemont Elementary is tucked in a residential area, there really is not a whole lot of parking and unloading space for over 100 vendors. so we have to be organized and have a plan of attack. this year, we manage to get in and set up before the start of the first customers. so i had a little extra time to catch a peek of some fellow designer's booths. outside our room was another friend, neighbor and fellow beehive designer, Kelli Shields, a very talented artist! not only is she talented but both of her daughters are as well. this year her younger daughter had created a line of adorable jewelry for kids (which her mom proudly displayed in her booth above).}
{oh and speaking of Kelli, i have to say that her booth was one of my favorite booths out of the whole show. i didn't get a picture of the whole booth but these little birds and glittered gears were whimsically hung from a screen above. her booth caught every one's eye who walked by.  oh and she gave me one of her magical gears...she also created the ruffled burlap sign you see hanging. it was adorable and so well put together! some other booths that i got to see were...}
{just add honey. i love Brandi, owner of just add honey. this was her first year at the show and i was so excited to see her very yummy teas all set up and ready to go! she has such a great eye!}
{my girlie, lani...owner of the Beehive and iram-inal designs was at the show again this year. love my lani hugs! this year, she was featuring her new wooden designs which she hand dies and carves each and every design with a steady hand and a dremel. lani was soooo sweet, she gave me a small pair of her new earrings! i can't wait to show you..i'll be taking a picture this week for sure. they are too cute!}

{the next day, we got to the school early so that we could tweak our booth and have some time to walk around. there were quite a few rooms that we didn't get to the night before. as we were walking down the hall, i noticed this. you are probably saying what?...notice what? well the wreath that is located just below the "wreath auction" sign is the one that i did last year. you can see it here. it looks like the person who bid and won my wreath last year allowed it to be used on the sign...maybe to help draw people in to the bidding room? i like to think so. hehe..}

{a booth that b and i thought was uber cute was this one above...with the silly wide eyed knitted dolls. no one was at the booth so we couldn't ask any questions....it was still early...}

{but we did pick up a card. i can't seem to find it right now..but i know it's in one of my bins that i still need to unpack. i'll let you know who creates this sweet creations last this week. there were so many vendors and each class room was filled with four to five different booths..consisting of jewelry, clothes, artwork, soaps and more. i could have taken more pictures...but there was a certain booth needing tending to.}

{but i did save the best for last...during the lunch hour on saturday, my aunt came to help me with my booth giving b a little bit of a break. we had a blast! she was such a great saleswoman. with the help of 
my unbelievable husband and my aunt and the amazing customers both friday and saturday..i had the best show ever! even though our car didn't start up on saturday night (after the show ended)...it didn't get me down...i was still riding on my happiness high. a great way to end the festivals for the year. oh and really quick..i want to give a shout out to whoever that super sweet designer was that pulled her car around so that we could get a jump off of her battery...thank you so much!!}
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