*ornaments for little ones*

{last year, we bought little c an ornament. it was this perfect little globe from crate and barrel...you can see it here. i really thought we'd be buying an ornament with his or her name on it this year...but that just have to be for next year...but i still like to look at the options..like this modern one above from paloma's nest. i have a feeling b would pick the giraffe design..we've kind of gotten on this giraffe kick lately..i really have no idea how or why. here are some ornaments that i found while browsing..let's look shall we..}

{these are super cute...i've heard from many moms that soft ornaments are the thing to have when you have little ones who can't keep their hands off the tree. i love these animals and think they would be super cute with ribbons and beaded or popcorn garland!}

{so stinking cute..i love these custom design embroidered ornaments...they are adorable! what  you do is..you work with the shop on creating your own one of a kind design and then she creates a one of a kind ornament for you....how cool is that?}

{the colors are so cheerful on these little knitted reindeer ornaments. of course i'm pretty partial to stripes so i have to admit..that is what caught my eye but the fact that they can be customized...even better!}
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