{ever since my friend, grace posted about the book, pete the cat...i've been obsessed with finding this book. i knew after seeing the video on her blog that this would be the perfect Christmas gift for my 2 year old niece. so i trekked all over atlanta trying to find this awesome book..each time singing the equally awesome song. i went to target, toys r us, borders and finally i stopped at barnes and noble today to see if they carried it. i was in luck! they had TWO. i was so giddy..i started to sing the song (in my head of course)...i love my white shoes...i love my white shoes. so i picked up both copies and headed to the register..yes..still singing the song. why two copies you ask? well how in the world could i not get a copy for little c? if i loved the book so much then i HAD to share it with him or her! so if you are looking for a copy...first check barnes and noble! thanks grace for posting about this pretty cool book!! i love my white shoes..i love my white shoes...}  
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