*a fresh new year*

{we spent the time in between christmas and new years taking down all the decorations and putting our house back in order. it was so refreshing to start the new year with a clean house. i don't know about you but i am so glad 2010 is over. there was one big lesson that i took away from last year and it was to NOT live in the future but to live in the now. i spent way too many days...um...make that months thinking about the future and the what "could" happen. telling myself that i shouldn't or can't do something because i should keep my schedule "open" for the "just in case". as a result i feel like i really missed out on things. i started to put my business more on the back burner thinking that it would go into vacation mode for a while. i planned my year around becoming a parent when i should have just lived each day in the present. i did a lot of reflecting over the break and i decided i'm not living in the future any more. i'm going to forge on with life as it is. we have surpassed our 18 month mark of waiting and no longer have any "waiting" time line to go off of so i think this is actually a perfect time to change my thought process. i'm looking forward to this year. i'm looking forward to focusing on me, my husband, my home, my family and my business.  i'm not really calling it a resolution but just a change. as for our christmas...i have so much to tell you about...more on that this week. i'm going to go spend the rest of today with b..it's our last day off together....
happy 2011 friends!!}
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