*got the time?*

{i know what you are thinking..you got a new watch for christmas but that was for my wrist. i would really like to have a radio more then a clock for my craft room. we have a small house and i can easily play some music in the living room (off of the cd player) but i really have to crank it up in order to hear it over the sewing machine. let's face it..i'm getting older and my hearing isn't getting any better. so i thought for christmas i'd ask for a little radio...but then i started to think about what kind of radio and i really did not want just a standard plastic one...works the same but sure isn't very nice to look at. there's something about a cute little retro one that keeps popping up in my mind. so i went online to try and get some ideas to share so the right radio would be selected. well i didn't realize how hard it was to find a small little retro radio that wasn't terribly expensive...like this one. i a.d.o.r.e it..but really who is going to spend 180.00 on my craft room radio? so i kept searching. site after site...a "vintage" radio was more like this one...so i searched more and found the back in time radio pictured above. that's it...cubed, wooden with a hint of retro and a clock which is a bonus. by the time i found this site though...it was way too close to christmas to share.
so i'll save it for now...maybe plum.tree will need to by me a radio for my birthday...}
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