*oh pom pom*

{i had so much fun making pom poms over the break...after seeing Dana from Made's super easy tutorial on pom poms..i had to make some of my own! i took some of the yarn that has been staring at me for over two years..i know i'm embarrassed...and made some fun pom poms with it. i didn't use any cardboard or paper to wrap the yarn with, i took her advise and used my own fingers...worked just as good and you can vary the size better that way.}
{i had fun making different sizes and then trimming them. some of them i really trimmed neatly and others i kept more "shaggy". i used the small one on a gift for my aunt. i forgot to take a photo of it..oh well. it turned out pretty cute. i did make more though and did remember to take photos this time...}

{this was one of our tins that we packed with our homemade goodies. the pom poms just added the right finishing touches to the top. i used a gift tag that i had left over from the vintage paper parade

{i also used the idea of adding them to boxed packages like Dana did but i decided not to wrap it. i loved the clean look of the white box. it's was so easy and added the right amount of decoration. i just finished it off with another deer tag. i have a feeling i won't be using pom poms just for Christmas gifts...it's too fun to only make once a year. wanna try making some..hop on over here. trust me..you'll want to make more than one.}
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