*oh sweet friend of mine*

{gives me warm fuzzy feelings looking at these pictures. my sweet friend grace (i feel so lucky to call her a friend!) sent me these treasures right after her son came home from south korea last month. she was going to wait to send me these little cellphone charms (aka ornaments) once she knew if we were getting a boy or girl but with the wait and blah blah blah...she decided to send both. aren't they adorable in their little hanboks? oh how i love love love them! she also sent the sweetest adoption book i have ever read. really i am so touched that she sent me this book. after reading it, i felt like it was made just for me. oh and it will totally make you boo hoo..i did. this will defiantly be one of my favorite books to read to little c! 
thank you so much sweet friend!!! xoxo!}
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