*portrait of your valentine...and you.*

{i'm a huge fan of rifle paper co. their work is amazing from the personalized stationary to the adorable children's prints. i had been looking at their vintage floral cards before christmas. i was trying to figure out who i could buy them for but i think i secretly wanted them for myself. so i never bought them. i recently i went back to their site to look around and noticed this custom hand-painted portrait. seriously a hand-painted portrait with your name and your "be mine's" name...now that is a valentine gift. this floral print comes in three different beautiful colors which makes it hard to choose. either color would make this portrait a very sweet and special valentine's gift. do you know what you are getting your valentine?}

{after writing this post...i went to rifle paper's blog...AND they are doing a giveaway for their two hand-painted prints!! hurry on over to their blog to enter...it ends at 5:00 p.m. tonight!! good luck!}
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