*what to do..what to do.*

{so yesterday i shared with you all how we got from a country-esque pink and blue bathroom to our more modern blue and white version...}

{..and as you may remember from monday's post...that all changed because of this striped shower curtain. you see, we have had our bathroom that same blue and white color scheme for the past 6 years. so when i found that shower curtain online and read that it also came in grey and white (not pictured)...i knew i had to go see it. once b and i saw it in person, we loved it. from that moment on...our bathroom HAD to change. trust me...it really did.}

{okay...just in case you didn't trust me. see the blue walls and the brownish grey stripe did nothing for each other. so we decided the wall color had to change. our first thought was grey but we really didn't want to have a grey that read purple or cold. it had to have warmth. we went through quite a few samples until we picked...}  
{it was a warm grey with a brown undertone and may not show up that way on your monitor. it was perfect because the curtain has a brown undertone as well. on sunday, we painted the walls the new color and realized that after painting the bathroom something other then blue...there were new things now that needed to change...but before i get into those items..let me quickly show you what the new walls look like with the new curtain...}

{this is the "after-after" and here is what we realized after painting the walls...}

{our floor. it looked even worse then before. it's the original as i mentioned yesterday and you'll also remember from yesterday's post that i thought for sure i'd be able to create some kind of concoction that would make it sparkle again. um...yeah...i tried everything out there and even made some homemade recipes that i found online.}

{none of them worked as you can see. the grout still looked dirty, the tiles never sparkled and nothing will help broken pieces like you see in the picture above. so we both agreed that it really was not worth keeping the old floor...a new one was in order. we are still debating on what style to go with and haven't picked anything out just yet but we do know that we want to keep the appeal of a mosaic rather then a 12x12. so i'll be looking at all sorts of tile styles and colors and will be sharing them with you in the coming weeks! something else that is so much easier to fix is our window coverings. right now it's a white wooden blind...that's not so white after 6 plus years of use. i'd really like to soften the treatment this go around. i'll be sharing my ideas on this next week. as for really easy peasy changes...}

{we'd like to get new hinges for the cabinet doors. a clean square one would be great in a polished nickel to match the hardware.searching for those now...}

{oh and this handle...it's the ONLY handle in the house that is not crystal. it has to finally go. the only appeal is has is that it locks but really...b and i almost never lock the bathroom door. so it's going and will be replaced with this...}

{type of crystal door knob...to match with the rest of the interior doors of course. i also would like to get a couple more accessories and maybe a new print for the white frame that is currently hanging up. maybe we can pick those up this weekend. so there you have it..an update to our updated bathroom.}
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