{so i mentioned on monday that b and i decided to do some changes to our only bathroom. you can read how it started here. but before i tell you about what we did on saturday...let's go back to 2004...where it all began. the picture above is what our bathroom looked like when we first purchased our home.
lovely isn't it?}

{an older lady had lived in our house before us, as you can tell by the fantastic blue carpeted floors and matching seat cover. the walls were covered half in blue and white mud set tile and the other half...floral wallpaper. under that beautiful carpet was the original blue and white mosaic tile. the tub was just that..a tub with no shower. so before we could move in, b and i had to gut and redo the bathroom.}

{and that is what we did, right down to the studs...gosh those were fun times!}

{we added new dry wall, new lighting and a shower with white subway tile...}

{we applied decorative bead board to the bottom half of the walls and replaced the dated toilet and vanity with shiny white fixtures. we kept the original mosaic floor with the blue dots thinking we could polish it up and make it look like new.}
{we painted all the trim white and added a splash of blue above to match the floor. hung new polished nickel accessories and topped it off with a white shower curtain.}

{if you are like me...i love to see the before and after side by side to compare...}

{now that you are up to speed on the bathroom history, the "after" is what we changed on saturday. i promise to tell you all about it in tomorrow's post.}
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