*door sweater*

{i finally did it. i bought my first door sweater. i've been eyeing them for months and this weekend i decided that my poor blue door needed some company...so i bought this sun yellow door sweater from cranny found favorites. it was hard to choose...i was stuck on either the sun yellow (above) and this beautiful tangerine and seersucker ruffle one. the door sweaters are made in a variety of colors and they can be easily modified. the ribbons and ruffles that come with each sweater are given velcro backing so that you can easily remove them. the idea is that you can place a new ribbon or ruffle to reflect a certain season or event. right now there isn't a listing for additional ribbons and ruffles but sarah kate mentioned that she plans on having them in her shop later down the road.}

{a fun fact...sarah kate's sister (barb) is the creater of knack! both very very sweet ladies!}  
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