*great minds think a like?*

{i am not sure how many of you get the etsy e-mails called "Etsy Finds"...but basically you can sign up for it on etsy. what etsy does is sends out an e-mail almost every day that is a grouping of etsy finds that goes along with a daily theme. i love looking at these e-mails because they expose me to new shops that i have yet to explore. earlier this week i got an e-mail called "Green Day".  this particular e-mail had a little something special. in the middle of the page was a little ditty about items that West Elm had picked. you are probably starting to wonder why i'm going on about this...well you all know that we updated our bathroom based on our new West Elm shower curtain right? oh and just last week..i ordered a certain new print for our bathroom...right?}

{well...do you see what West Elm picked to complement their new spring line? none other then the print that i selected last week...i know you are thinking great minds DO think a like or at least i'd like to think you are. wink..wink.}

{happy friday!! i'm so glad it's friday!! my b comes home after being gone since sunday!! yay!!
have a wonderful weekend! see you monday!!} 
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