*it's a start*

{good morning! sorry for the late start. i had problems with uploading my pictures. hopefully they work now. so this weekend, b and i trimmed our crepe myrtles like i mentioned on friday (talk about an arm workout) and we went to the store i've been wanting to go to...literally it was more of a junk store then an antique store. there was nothing we wanted. boo. yesterday, b and i took on a big task. something we've been wanting to do for many years. this picture above is our backyard and it butts up to our neighbor's back yard. to the left, right and behind the g-normous fig tree is a bunch of scraggly bushes and a ton of weeds with the occasional poison ivy of course. it's pretty unsightly and we've always hated how it makes our yard look. well we started the task of removing all of it except the fig tree (of course). please note this picture above was taken last year when everything was lush and green.}

{it's not so lush and green right now. this is how it looked after we took most of it out. we still have about a third left to do. there were many stumps to dig which is great for aggression i must say. lots of vines with thorns (ouch) and one very old and very solid clothing line pole. the pole took us a good 40 minutes to dig up. i think we are most sore from just doing that.}

{after a lot of bags and two brand new trash cans later....}

{it was cleaned up. there is still a lot to do with this area...like a fence.}

{but as you can see, there are still some bushes to get, lots of ivy and other lovely vines to get rid of. we need to smooth the soil out and of course dig out that garden hose. doesn't everyone have one? do you see it? it's close to the bottom right of the picture. yup, it's buried and it was left by the previous owner. nice right? over the years, we have found lots of things like this that were left by the previous owner. hopefully by next weekend we will have it all cleared and ready for phase 2. what is phase 2...not sure yet...
we are just loving the fact that it's cleared.}
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