*can't stop*

{thinking of the Japanese people. it's devastating. unreal to see what has happened to their homes, their land, their families. i can't help but think about my family members and how spread out we are. what would we do if something like that happened here.}

{the new york times posted satellite pictures of before and after images of each area that was hit by the tsunami. b and i looked at each image last night. moving the bar on each picture left to right...taking it all in. it's utterly amazing to see whole cities wiped out...erased in just a matter of minutes.}

{i love this image above from natascha rosenberg. it doesn't have to say anything, it "speaks" volumes. my heart breaks for all those people affected. i pray that people are able to reunite with their families, to find food and shelter...relief.}

{here is a link to a page that gives you multiple sources on how you can help (i found it on fabulous k's blog, she has other sites listed as well.)
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