*little itty bitty c support committee*

{for those of you that don't know what this is...the Little Itty Bitty C Support Committee was put together by my two amazing sisters (cara and jenny) and my good friend (rachel). they got a bunch of mine and b's friends and family members together (hence the committee) to help show us support in any way they could during our wait to become parents. back when this committee was formed, our wait was only supposed to be around 12 months...as you can see from our time line...our wait has turned into almost 21 months (and counting). we are so very lucky to have had so many friends and family members wanting to go beyond the 12 months to help support us on our journey. at the time, i believe these people thought they would be supporting us while we waited to bring our little one home. little did they know that their monthly gifts would encourage us more then anything each month to stay positive, remain upbeat and most importantly, to not forget about the big picture...our little c is still out there. so every month since june 2009, we have received a very special gift from a member of the support committee. we don't ever know which family member or friend it is so it has made each month exciting. if you are curious to see what we've received since june of 2009...go here. the latest member was in january (i know..i'm so late on this!)...it was my step sister, rachel, her fiance, john and my nephew, anthony. they sent our little one these two adorable dr. suess books, the sweetest, most supportive card and a gift card that b and i quickly used up....yes....it was from starbucks.}

{we wanted to thank you guys again (rachel, john and anthony) for thinking of us and for the amazing support you've shown us during our adoption journey. it means so much to us! xoxo!} 
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