*for olie's room*

{a couple weeks ago my friend, alyssa and i ordered these felt animal heads. we had plans for each of our three stuffies. i knew that no matter what our baby's gender was, these were going to be hung in his or her room. alyssa was going to give them to a couple of her nieces. well last week they came in but only one set of three was delivered. the catalog listing was not very clear on how many you had to order or what would be sent. it was a little confusing but in the end we concluded that they were more expensive then what we had thought they were. since there were only three, alyssa told me to take them all. she was so sweet, in the end she bought one as a gift to Oliver and i bought the remaining two.  these cute mounted stuffies will be hung on one of the Olie's walls, we just need to decide which wall. oh and i also have an idea of something i am going to do with them...should be pretty fun...so hopefully it turns out!} 
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