*it's a start*

{this weekend, b and i decided that we would clear out the guest room and start bringing down all the baby stuff we packed away months ago. we are so excited to be finally working on the "baby's" room. we now know it's going to be a boy's room and not just any boy..it will be Oliver's room. i love saying that.}

{we started to talk about how we envisioned the room and where we thought the furniture should go. we mentally started a list of items that we need to get like a rug, new light fixture, shelves...and we also made a list of things that need to be replaced.}

{like these window treatments. we've had these for 6 years now and i'm ready for different ones. the great thing is a little over a year and a half ago, we bought black out blinds for this room because my sister requested them. i guess our white cotton curtains let in too much morning sunshine. oops..not good for a guest room...or a baby's room.}

{one thing is for sure, this piece will stay. we are thinking this will become the changing station and it might actually stay on that wall....for now.}

{a project that we will tackle is this wall. as you can see it is a long solid wall. could be very boring if we don't do something fun with it. we have quite a few ideas so hopefully one of them will work out. as you can see...it's a start but we've got a lot of fun work ahead of us. i'll share with you all as we start getting more items checked off our list.}
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