*the last little c support committee*

{a while back b and i got the sweetest package. it was from an old co-worker of mine, Vicky. Vicky and i used to work together..oh 6 years ago. we had such a blast. i don't think there was a day where we didn't laugh together. she is the sweetest lady you'll ever meet. so it's no surprise that she picked out the sweetest adoption book i've ever read (along with an all time classic!). i had heard about sweet moon baby before but hadn't seen it in person. it's my all time favorite now. i adore this book...even more now with sleeping Olie pictures. this package was perfect because it was the last itty bitty support committee gift we received before our referral. it's bittersweet if you ask me. i can not wait to share these books with Oliver. Thank you Vicky!! we love them!! xo!!}  
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