*my kind of basket*

{a creative easter basket for little ones.}

{i was thinking the other day...if ollie were home what items would i put in his basket...}
{....i'm thinking these cool striped shoes that i've been eyeing and...}

{....this huggable bunny and...}

{probably a some fun wooden toys like this haba set...i'm sure i'd get him some new outfits....and lots more. i'm not going to lie..i'd probably go over board on his first Easter basket!}


AS said...

Holidays will be SO much fun for Oliver....and for you and Ben, too!!! (and his Sussy!)

Christine said...

VERY cool. Lots of good stuff in there!

Kris said...

I love those shoes!! So many fun things you picked out here! You all are going to have so much fun with Oliver during the holidays.

b said...

i like them all too d, won't be long now!!!

Grace said...

those shoes are SO cute!!!
i'm going to make sure c doesn't read your blog because i'm fairly certain all of ollie's goodies and presents and easter baskets will be cooler than his!