*our first wbc!*

{so last week we got our first well baby check up on Oliver...we were so excited that we got one so quickly after our referral but we were a little bummed that there was no updated photo. oh well..hopefully the next picture we get will be of him sitting up with his eyes open. since we can't post pictures of him here...the four pictures we have of our son are with his eyes closed (sleeping). so you can imagine why we'd love to see him awake. okay..back to the update. as you can see our baby boy is growing and he is so active! we believe our Ollie will be walking pretty soon...eek! when b and i read this, we immediately said we need to go shopping for some outlet plugs and cabinet locks.}

{we also just sent our first care package this morning! yay! i took a picture of the items we sent but it didn't turn out. we sent a variety of things...socks, toys, a plush album with pictures of us and our pups, some outfits, a blanket and gifts for his foster parents. we hope it arrives before his next wbc!} 
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