{i'm sure you guys have heard of these by now...you know...the blabla dolls. well i had never heard of them until about three years ago when i was searching handmade toys to get as gifts. blabla dolls are all over..they are sold in almost any store across America and pictured in the most popular kids catalogs. they are popular for a reason. they are super soft, super cute and super cuddly.}

{two years ago, we got my youngest niece (above) at the time a blabla doll called yoko. little did i know it would turn out to be one of her most favorite stuffies. she carries her "dollie" around the house and sleeps with it at night. she l.o.v.e.s yoko. so b and i agreed that when we got our referral we would get our little
 one a blabla doll...}

{the only thing is...how do you choose? they are all too cute!}
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