*thinking of...*

{Oliver...as i sit making earrings or figuring out what fabrics to use for new bibs...Oliver comes into my thoughts. i'm getting anxious. i've been trying not to get this way but knowing that we haven't started the next step to getting him home is making me feel "behind". we are waiting on his legals. it will be five weeks this friday since we handed over our acceptance paperwork. it's so hard to believe it's already been a month. we were told that it could take 3-6 weeks to get Oliver's legals (after his referral) so i'm hoping that this is our lucky week to receive them. that way we can move on to the next step of filling the I-600.}

{Oliver should have his well baby check up some time this week...eek! i'm so excited for this. it means we should be hearing about it soon. i'm anxious again...some news...updated news about our little boy. i could do a happy dance just knowing we will hear information about him. i know how quick they grow and can't help but wish for another picture of him. to see how much he's changed, to see if his wispy hair has grown or is now cut, to see if he's standing...and to see those beautiful eyes open. our most recent picture is from january (he was 5 1/2 months) so i know he's changed quite a bit. i'm curious but so thankful for the pictures we do have because they bring us peace and make our hearts so full of joy. 
i'm thinking of you Oliver....all the time.} 

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