*my heart is in korea*

{we got a package in the mail recently...my sweet friend Lindsay wanted to paint Oliver something for his room. i've been eyeing her state love paintings and have told her many times that i need to get one. when i finally decided that i was ready to purchase one, i noticed that Lindsay had posted a picture on her facebook page of a country she had recently done rather then a state. i immediately wrote her and asked her if she would be open to doing a south korea one for me. she wrote me back and said she would love to but wanted to paint it as a gift to Oliver.}  
{the sweet card she wrote to us...went into Oliver's baby book.}
{and here is the South Korea painting she did along with a special "Seoul" heart. i have been adding things to Oliver's room that are either handmade or have meaning to them. not only does this painting have meaning but it's from a special friend of mine so it's extra special.}
{the state love paintings were not the only ones that i had been eyeing...lindsay's mustache paintings caught my eye many months ago when she introduced them. i just had to figure out which of the amazing colors i wanted...i chose this fun mustard yellow one to add some pop to Oliver's walls. i can't wait until we start hanging art in his room...right now we are still working on the details.}

{we did purchase this shelf and started to fill it with special toys and books...}
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