*second care package*

{so this week we are sending out Oliver Yu-hyeon's second care package. we included a couple special things in this package for Oliver's foster family.}
{a couple weeks ago, i e-mailed my friend julie and asked her if she would be willing to make me a couple of her amazing potholders. last year for my birthday, she had made me some in various colors and they are the only potholders i use. my absolute favorite! being the great friend that she is...i had three beautiful green and blue potholders on my doorstep in a blink of an eye. i also decided to include some handmade tea from my friend brandi and two atlanta/decatur post cards. b picked up some huge godiva chocolate bars...so glad these are going in the care package...they are way too tempting!}
{in the last package, we sent Oliver a little stuffed fish that he could play with in the tub. this time we decided to send him a little stuffed dog. since he will be coming home to two dogs, we thought it would be appropriate that he have one ahead of time. this one above is actually a minature version of the pottery barn dog Oliver got from my aunt susie...}
{which is in Oliver's room right now and will be here for him when he gets home.}
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