*wbc 5.11*

{yesterday we got Oliver Yu-hyeon's well baby check up! we were so happy to have news on our sweet little boy. it feels like forever since our april update. last thurday, Oliver turned 9 months so i was eager to see how he had grown and if there was anything new he was doing. what a month he had! our baby is now 28.6" tall which is a whole inch taller then last month. Oliver also put on a pound and is up to 19.6 lbs. he is doing so well and we couldn't be happier to hear that he is thriving and right on target. our little guy is standing on his own and now has two of his bottom teeth! i have to admit and i'm not proud of it but i was a little bummed yesterday. as happy as i was to see the wbc e-mail, i was hoping there was also an updated picture attached. oh well...maybe next month. i am working on Oliver's second care package and will be mailing it out next week. hopefully this time i will take better pictures!}

look at ollie grow...
march:  27" tall / 17.4lbs 
april: 27.5" tall / 18.7lbs
may: 28.6" tall / 19.6lbs   
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