*captain america and more*

{oliver's aunt jenny sent him a huge box of loot this week! she had asked me a couple weeks ago what we still needed for ollie...so i told her that he needed some pjs and some dishes and that i was looking for some vintage looking t-shirts (vintage captain america tee was found!) for him. well she listened to what i had said and ended up picking up more then just those few items. she told me that she would find things here and there and would put the items on her dining room hutch...until one day there was a mound of things. i think that is when she finally thought she should send them. ha!}

{aunt jenny bought ollie...two pairs of shorts (i almost bought the same pair of camo shorts the same day she picked these up!), two books, three shirts (it's hard to see but one is a usmc shirt!), a monkey tray and a pair of monkey pj's!! wow! if only ollie where here to see them all! i wonder what item he would grab first.}
{i'm thinking when aunt jenny comes to visit...she is going to have to read one of these books to ollie! thank you jen!! we love love love it all and can not wait to see oliver with all his new gifts!! xo!!}
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