*our tiger*

{this week marks 9 weeks since we received the magical call about...our son Oliver Yu-hyeon. so where do we stand with everything? um...we are still on step 1. we've been waiting 9 (very long) weeks for Oliver's legals to arrive. once we get his legals then we can get the ball rolling and starting working on bringing him home. i e-mailed our social worker last week for an update on these documents and she told me his legals were requested by the Korean office a long time ago and they were still waiting to receive them. i'm thinking they may be taking longer because Oliver was born outside of Seoul...but really i have no idea why. so we wait. are we good at waiting..you would think by now...but we are growing pretty impatient. our sweet little boy turns 10 months this sunday. luckily we are not finished with his room yet..actually we haven't touched his room in weeks. since i've been getting ready for my show..we've put his room on hold. we will start back up very soon (which will help keep us preoccupied) but we've been adding little things like this 
"Year of the Tiger" block from by simple
oh and we also picked up these Dwell sheets which match perfectly with Ollie's bedding and rug. it's coming along....now if only his legals would "come along". 
on a more positive note...Oliver might have his well baby check up this week! so maybe next week we will learn what he's been doing this past month!}
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