*third care package*

aka: ollie yu
{late last month, b and i sent Oliver's third care package. it's hard to believe that we are already gearing up for the fourth package. we decided to make this recent one a little smaller. we know that Oliver's foster family is limited in space so sending large care packages each month may get to be a little too much for them. we also decided to gear this package more towards Oliver. we didn't leave his foster parents out all together though...we did add a couple starbucks via packets in the box just for them. i'm sure they could use a little extra caffeine once in a while.}
{before sending his care package, i went through Oliver's closet and realized that he should now be wearing 12 month clothes. we had a couple items that we had bought back in april that would now fit him so i added those in the package. no use keeping them here knowing he won't be home any time soon. i was a little sad to see that i had to send this striped sweatshirt i had picked out for him though. i really wanted to see him in it. i thought it was perfect for our adorable little guy!}   

{we picked up a few small toys to send like these classic weeble wobbles. both b and i had these as kids so it was really fun to be able to buy them for Oliver. the weebles come in a pack of two and while we were at the store, b had to make sure to find the pack that had a boy with dark black hair. he wanted Oliver to have one that kinda....looked like him. i thought it was so sweet. with almost all the toys that we send Oliver, we make sure to buy a set for his collection here at home. this way when he comes home, he will (hopefully) recognize the items we've sent him.} 

{i'm not sure if Oliver's foster mom likes rompers...but we did get him one for his package. you see the grey dino polo? that's actually a romper. hopefully she does like them, it would be a shame to waste this super cute romper. i also decided to add a plum tree burp cloth in the package. my burp cloths are lined with terry cloth and with Oliver teething, he may like to use this as a teething towel...it can also double as "woobie".}

{so Oliver should be getting his july well baby check up either this week or next which means he should get this package. i'm interested to see if we will get another picture this month. we feel so very lucky to have gotten a picture the last two months but we don't want to get our hopes up since the Korean agency is not required to send them each month. i am eager to read his well baby check up this month too, i wonder if he is walking on his own or if he's gotten any more teeth. i also wonder if he got a hair cut since his last picture. if you remember, his hair was long enough for his foster mother to pull it back in a barrette...he-he. 
hopefully we will find out soon.}

{we think of you every single day Oliver Yu-hyeon. we can not wait for the day that you are in our arms! we love you so very much sweet boy!!}
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