*a little peek 2*

{as you may remember, i could never find the perfect bedding for Oliver's crib. nothing i found seemed to work out. then one day after looking for hours...i decided that it would have to be custom. a week or two later i was at the Beehive talking to my sweet friend Shanna and i brought up the fact that i just could not find the perfect bedding for Oliver and that i would need to have it custom made. without a flinch..Shanna offered to make Oliver's bedding. i was so blown away that i don't think i said anything for a minute. i probably looked ridiculous with my eyes super big and my mouth wide open. my friend who i had only met just a couple months prior was willing to take on this big task for...my son! after asking her probably a million times if she was sure...i finally took her up on her offer. it took me about a month to find the right fabric, but i ordered it and gave Shanna all the materials she requested. in the end, we decided we only wanted a bumper made. we didn't need a skirt or quilt. we wanted to keep his crib simple. i'll be writing more on that later...but let's get to the good part...}

{this past saturday, b and i got Oliver's bumper from her! we couldn't have been more pleased with how it turned out! it was p.e.r.f.e.c.t!! Shanna did such a beautiful job on Oliver's bumper! we were so excited that when we got home...the first thing we did was put the bumper in his crib along with the new fitted sheet we had picked up at target awhile ago. eeee...i totally got goosebumps while doing this! we stepped back and just stared at it. all i could think of was seeing Oliver sleeping in his sweet little crib. a little while later, we were sitting on the floor staring at his room when we noticed that the new bike print (pictured in crib) we had picked up last month (at the ICE show) worked perfectly with his new crib bedding! i love when it starts to all come together...now if we can only find the perfect frames for these 18" x 24" posters...ugh.}
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