{our little Oliver turns 11 months!! it's hard to believe that it's been a little over three months since we first saw his precious pictures. it's also hard to believe that as of now, we are not any closer to bringing him home. we believe with all our hearts that God has a plan for Oliver's trip home and as much as we'd like to be in control, we are not. so we (more me then b) are trying to be patient. you could say...taking it one day at a time. something that has been on my mind is a month from today, our son will turn one. we know that he will not be here for us to celebrate his first birthday and we are okay with that. Oliver will get to celebrate in his birth country along with his foster family who has taken him into their home and into their hearts. our son deserves to have the traditional Tol celebration, one that we know we could not properly give him. we only hope that many pictures are taken on his special day and shared with us some day in the future. the one thing that i am trying to figure out is how we should celebrate his birthday here in the states. i have some ideas but need to narrow them down. until then...
Happy 11th month Oliver Yu-hyeon!!}

{we love you so much sweet boy!!!} 
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