*before and after part 2*

{after our house was put on the market, b and i decided to revisit the first ever pictures we took of our home. it was a crazy journey back to the past. as we were going through the pictures, i really wanted to see the side by side comparisons of each space. so after we were done, i pulled all of our old and new pictures together and created before and after shots for b to see. i realized i had quite a few. so i thought it would be fun to share them here on my blog. since i have a handful of before and afters...i'll drag it out a little (he-he) and show you a new one each thursday. i'm not going in any particular order...so this week...i'll show you studio/laundry room (aka: bedroom #3).}

{this was the oddest bedroom b and i had ever seen. we actually felt sorry for the son who had to grow up in this room (along side the washer and dryer). after buying the house, we knew this room would not be used as a bedroom....or a guest suite (how cruel would that be?). so b and i decided to make it interesting. the first month we owned the house, we applied a wood paneling to the walls, added new baseboards and crown moulding and then finished it off with a fresh coat of paint. since then we've used this room as a laundry room but i also use it as my studio. it's not much of a studio...trust me i have had to come up with some very creative storage solutions for all my supplies...and luckily i live with a handy man who will carry out those ideas...but i will say...this room has the best views out of the whole house. the two windows give a clear view of our back yard and deck. it is always relaxing to sit at my desk and see all the birds, butterflies and squirrels that visit our yard. 
i hope my next studio will be...bigger (that's obvious right?) and have some peaceful views.} 
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