*care package #6*

{it's hard to believe that we are sending Oliver his 6th care package and we already have to start thinking of the Holidays. this one was a mixture of items. since Oliver is now probably in 12 month clothing, we had to start pulling items from his closet that we had bought earlier this year. it was bittersweet because i remember b and i being so excited to finally by for our son. we bought items thinking WE would to see him in them and now i'm packing them in his box. i only hope his foster mom will use them. with Halloween being next month, we HAD to include some Halloween "treats". this was not an easy task. there are some choices out there in the stores but not a whole lot of selection (for boys). i hate to admit that b and i picked up an outfit and brought it home without thinking. after i took the tags off of it i realized that it was NOT Oliver's 1st Halloween....in fact it is his second. there was no way i was going to send the outfit to him. so it's going to his "girl-friend" who will be celebrating her 1st Halloween this year. since we no longer had anything for Halloween in his package...back to the stores i went.  i did manage to pick up some other Halloween-ish items like the pumpkin monkey, bib and book....but after the package was together, i didn't like that he had nothing to wear for Halloween. so i decided that i needed to whip up a tee for my son. i created a simple ghost and used one of my new favorite grey fabrics for the applique. i am pretty pleased with how it turned out...simple and sweet. next package will be interesting. ha.}

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