*before and after part 4*

{after our house was put on the market, b and i decided to revisit the first ever pictures we took of our home. it was a crazy journey back to the past. as we were going through the pictures, i really wanted to see the side by side comparisons of each space. so after we were done, i pulled all of our old and new pictures together and created before and after shots for b to see. i realized i had quite a few. so i thought it would be fun to share them here on my blog. since i have a handful of before and afters...i'll drag it out a little (he-he) and show you a new one each thursday. i'm not going in any particular order...so this week...i'll show you our front door area.}

{as you can see in the before picture, there was no personalty...actually it was pretty sad. i really wanted to add some architectural details to our front door area, the thought was to add the charm that it should have originally had. so in 2008, we had a contractor remove all the old aluminum...which included pretty much everything...the door trim, the porch ceiling and the ugly dented column. it was nice to see it all gone. our contractor added a new wood door surround with some sweet details, a bead board ceiling, a column with molding and a custom decorative railing. after we added all these we realized we could not keep the old door. we actually hated the old door so we were happy to pick out a new door. we found one that would let the sunshine in. after it was all completed, we couldn't have been more happy with how the front door looked. it finally looked like a cottage.}  
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