*before and after part 5*

{after our house was put on the market, b and i decided to revisit the first ever pictures we took of our home. it was a crazy journey back to the past. as we were going through the pictures, i really wanted to see the side by side comparisons of each space. so after we were done, i pulled all of our old and new pictures together and created before and after shots for b to see. i realized i had quite a few. so i thought it would be fun to share them here on my blog. since i have a handful of before and afters...i'll drag it out a little (he-he) and show you a new one each thursday. i'm not going in any particular order...so this week...i'll show you the kitchen.}

{so i don't think i've ever shown you all my kitchen. to be honest, i wasn't going to show you...until we started remodeling it. the kitchen/dining was going to be the last project. we knew that in order to have our "dream" kitchen (and dining), everything (and i mean everything..ceiling, walls, flooring...) would have to be gutted. this obviously was going to be the most expensive project so why not wait until the end right? well since our house is on the market, that will not be happening now. so i figured i would go ahead and show you what we did do to it in order to make it feel...um...presentable. as you can see from the before picture, we bought a house that had a kitchen filled with a lot of brown and floral. b and i quickly changed that. we first had the really nasty brown (and black) appliances removed. i shutter just thinking of those gross appliances. then we took the lovely floral paper down, replaced the only lighting with two pendants and added an island that just so happened to match the existing cabinetry style. of course while we were subtracting and adding things, we just could not live with the brown cabinets so we painted them green. i have to say that they actually look lighter in the picture above then they do in real life. so all of that is what i considered "phase 1".  this was going to be the only phase until we started the big remodel. then this year, we decided we were going to change the old stainless steel double bowl sink out for a single bowl. it was worn and the drain was old...it needed to be replaced like pronto. well replacing it didn't turn out to be an easy task like we thought it would be. we ended up cracking the countertop...beyond repair in the process of removing the old sink. so...we had to buy a new countertop which in the end worked out great. we bought our new stainless steel single bowl sink and picked up a pretty bridge faucet to finish it all off. this is what i considered "the phase 2"...which turned out to be the final phase. one day i'll have my "dream" kitchen...just not in this house. what is your dream kitchen?}
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