*october's wbc*

{our boy is growing up...quickly. we got Oliver's wbc for this month...yahoo! 
side note: now that he's over 12 months, he will have a wbc every other month.
 so the next one will be in december. 
let's see...what did we learn about our son this month...
he's got 4 teeth on top and 4 on the bottom.
he is now 21.6 lbs and 30.4 inches tall which means he's grown almost an inch since august
 but he hasn't gained much weight. 
b and i both agreed it is from all the activities he's been doing this past month.
where should we start...let's see...
he is walking which we already knew but now he is....

 can you believe it? i've joked before to some of my friends that when Oliver comes home his escort will not be carrying him because he will be running up the escalator! ha!
 i really was just joking. let's hope that doesn't happen. 

he waves goodbye now which i think is so sweet. he throws a ball, takes his socks off, drinks from a cup (mental note..add sippy cups to care package list), bows (adorable!), helps get dress, tries to use a spoon and needs by pointing. he says umma and abba which mean momma and daddy. he also says three other words, eeboo, ubda and amen. i'd like to find out what they mean so that i understand them when he comes home. 
one thing that i noticed right away was that the report listed his developmental age as....
15 months. today he turned 14 months old. 
i think we might have a little over achiever? maybe...maybe not.
either way, he is so perfect for us.}

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