*care package #7*

{i just mailed our 7th care package to Oliver. it's crazy to think by the end of this year, we will have sent him 8 care packages. each time we put a package together for Oliver, i have mixed emotions. i'm excited yet unsure. i'm excited about the idea of buying things for our son. i love the fact that i get to think of him when i'm shopping.  yet there is that same feeling each month...i'm unsure. unsure if it's something that he likes or if his foster mother will use it. each time i put clothing into his monthly box, i wonder if it's the right size..is it too big or too small..not the right type of clothes for the weather there....will his foster mother even put it on him? does she shake her head when the item is too small or big? then there is that fear that we are sending the same things every month.  he's young but i still wonder if he will he grow bored of our packages? don't get me wrong, we do love sending him packages and we are so grateful for the care package picture we get each month. i just wish i knew what he was into, doing, seeing so that i could send him items that relate to his daily experiences. send items that his foster mother might need. some times i feel like i should be sending items like food, diapers, shampoos..you know necessities. ugh..so many thoughts go into a package each month. i also can't help but wonder how many more packages we will be sending 
after the new year...2...3...4? hopefully...one.}
{this package pictured is his november package. we sent some warmer clothes hopefully in a size he can wear. a new book even though it's english the illustrations are so sweet. some snacks for him and sweets for his foster mother. some lotion for his cheeks for the upcoming winter months, hopefully she knows what it is. he's still teething so we decided to send the last of the teething rings. hopefully it will help with any discomfort he might be having. we found the stuffed lion one night while we were browsing a toy store. every time i see a little lion..my heart leaps a little. makes me think of our sweet Ollie. i hope he gives this little lion a lot of hugs because i gave it a big hug before i put it in the box.}
{oh and i had to slip in a hooded towel that says it all....we so very much love you Oliver. 
so much it makes our hearts hurt.}
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