*october is here!*

{which means the color Orange is all the rage again. i'm down with that...i love me some orange. so how was your weekend? ours was fantastic...who says that anymore? uh...me. b came home on friday from a week long trip so i was more then ready to get the weekend started. we had a pretty low key friday night..just me and him time. love that. on saturday, we prepared for our big adventure. one that i told you about last week, our first ever race. all i have to say is i wish you were there. we couldn't bring a camera because b and i didn't want to have to run with it so i got NO pictures. that part did stink but the actual race and seeing all the people with their blinking arm bands on....was pretty cool. the first mile was super easy. we stayed with the pack and i didn't even feel like we were running. the second mile went pretty easy until we started to hit hill after hill. i was determined to finish the race without having to walk at all. on the third mile, i knew we were getting close and my legs were a little tired but i was excited to finish. the final quarter mile was all up hill...talk about a burn! once we rounded the corner and i heard all the people cheering...my energy shot up and my legs whipped into action. b told me later that he's never seen me run so fast. he joked and said it was like a foaming rabie infested dog was chasing me. ha! i think it was just pure adrenaline. finishing our first race together was such an awesome feeling. i was so very proud of b and i for sticking it out and completing it. we had so much fun that we signed up for this race as soon as we got home. the rest of the weekend was about relaxing and just enjoying the awesome fall weather.}

{Happy October!}

{images via pinterest} 
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