*cakes + portland = trip*

{i can't remember where i stumbled upon this site...but mrobin cakes are amazing. i love their style...like this one they call vintage. they are so unique. i'm not a big icing fan. i love to look at all the ways you can be creative with frosting but if i had to choose between cake or frosting..i'd say cake. based on their photos, mrobin looks like they are all about the cake. love. they are out of  Portland, Oregon...surprise...i seem to love everything that comes from that beatiful city. which i just so happen to be going to next week! yay!}

{so b and i decided it was high time to take a little mini vacation. we've been going full steam these last couple months with the house on the market, looking for our second home and all the other stuff in between. we really just need a little time to recoup. we've booked it so that we will fly into Seattle first. we will spend some time site seeing (of course) and visiting with some amazing friends. we will get to visit with the Hammers, who will have just brought their second son home from Korea (and he is one cute kid!) and we will finally get to meet in person...the Cole family!! i can't tell you how excited i am! since we will only be 3 hours from Portland, i told b that i would like to take a day or two and explore. i need to make a list of places i want to see in both cities but if you have any recommendations..please feel free to leave me a note.}
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