*forward thinking*

{lots of thinking going on these days...don't worry this is not a "poor me" post...i've just been thinking about my boy and what life will be like as a mother of a son. both of my sisters have girls...my older sister has three and my younger sister has two. they won't be able to relate in a "boy stuff" way...and that's okay. i know i'll still be able to lean on them for parenting advice...but i'm excited for the unknown. like this image above, i look forward to witnessing the serious side of Oliver, the goofy side, the explorer side and all the other sides. i look forward to the world of trucks, trains, super heroes and heavens to Betsy...bugs. i think i've embraced the fact that i will be a mother to a little boy. i've really gotten into all things boys as you can see from this post..i have no problem shopping for boy clothes. i know there will be ups and downs...but i am excited about learning who our little guy is.}

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