*number 9*

{we honestly did not think that we would be sending a care package this month...we thought for sure we would be getting an EP and our son would be coming home in February so why send one right? well after we found out that he would not be getting one this month (or anyone else to that matter), we knew we needed to send one. i have to admit, it's getting very hard to put together these care packages. you would think it would be easy but not knowing Oliver's likes and dislikes or his actual size makes it a little difficult. the clothes that we send are always a guess as to what he's actually wearing. after looking through his closet, i decided to pull this striped one-piece. it's a 12-18m piece and Oliver is probably closer to the 12m mark then he is to the 18m...but it's a warm outfit which is pretty fitting for Korea's weather right now. this piece is actually a little bitter sweet for us, it's one of the very first pieces of clothes we bought for Oliver back in April. i remember we purchased a larger size because we thought he'd for sure be home during the colder months. hopefully he'll get some use out of it in while he's still in Korea.
i have noticed that Oliver's foster mom really likes hoodies, so i added a blue hoodie that was in his closet and also decided to send him a Ferris the Fish tee. b and i picked out the three piece outfit that has the lion and giraffe on it. i'm not a fan of the pants but oh well. the other pieces are cute.
the video that we received in November hinted that Oliver loves the puffs we sent him in a couple of his earlier packages. b and i thought it would be fun to send him some other foods like the smoothies and the veggie snacks. we tried the smoothies out on his friend, Addie and she l-o-v-e-d them so we are hoping Oliver will too.
we had to add a small toy (or two) to the package! we didn't realize it until we got everything home, but we bought the Cookie Monster character which was also featured on Oliver's snacks. i wonder if they will make that connection. we also added two books, "The Little Blue Truck" (which is a favorite!) and the classic, "I Love You Through and Through". something else that we found out from the video was that one of the foster sisters can read and write English. yahoo! it was explained that she reads the books we send to him in his packages and he loves them. so why not send two more? both of these books are copies of what Oliver has already in his future room. oh and i had to send a picture attached to one of the books. it's something that i've been doing when ever we send a book in his package and it just made sense to give him an updated picture of us from Christmas. i like to know that when our books are read to him, we are there with him. smile.
we hoping and praying that this is one of the last packages we will have to send....
we just have to be patient and wait to see what's going to happen next month.}   
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