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{happy friday! phew..this week went pretty darn fast. anyone else feel that way?
 i have lots of thoughts going into to this weekend. b and i have been discussing how we should handle this unexpected waiting period and how to really deal with our emotions during it all. i will admit, it's been super hard to handle the unknown of when Oliver will be coming home...but after our long talk this week...i'm going into the weekend feeling pretty good about life right now. i'm looking forward and feel good about a plan i have to help me focus on more positive things. the number one focus is what we have here at home...b, me and the pups. it's our family and i will admit...i think we have a pretty good little family. i have a few more but that is defiantly my number one. something that i would like to do while our house is still on the market (come on new year buyer!)...and i can't really paint like i'd like to....i do plan to spruce up some things...maybe this weekend b and i will be able to do a couple things i have in mind. we'll see. hope you all have a great weekend!}

{source: a great tumblr site that i could look at all day...enjoy!}
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