*color stories*

{i finally ordered a paint deck for Benjamin Moore's Color Stories...have you seen it yet? STUN-ing colors. i can't wait to get the samples so that i can drool all over them! seriously, i get excited about paint and new paint colors to choose from. i might have to wait until i get this new deck in order to select the new color for our bedroom....yeah...i think i will.
so you have to see some of the inspirational pictures bm used when choosing the new paints...}
{shades of gray...bm...you had me at this picture...really you did.}
{you guessed it...fluid blues...}
{and earthen hues..}

{lovely right? so excited to start using some of these paint colors...did i mention that already? i think i already have a couple favorites and i'm looking around my house wondering what else can i put on my painting list! eek!}
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