*my pocket book*

{after we received Oliver's referral i purchased this inexpensive pocket photo book....
(which i customized a little by adding a pop of color to the front cover.) }
{it's where i put the very first picture we received of Oliver...our sleeping baby boy. i continued to add photos as we received them...}
{like our very first picture of Oliver with his eyes open...i remember this picture took my breath away!}
{and our picture of our one year old...baby cheeks and all.}
{as well as a picture of our handsome boy and those beautiful long lashes..}
{i use the back cover to keep a record of his weight and height. every time we receive a well baby check up, i make sure to put his newest information in the back of my book...
it's nice to have when we go shopping for his care packages.}
{and my little book stays in a side pocket of my purse and it's been in my purse since early last year....the only problem is that my little book is running out of room...just might need to get a second one soon.}
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