*friday news*

{this week has been crazy busy...today alone has already been super busy and i've been up since 5:30.
so let's see...okay first things first...for the past two weeks, i feel like i've been spending a lot of quality car time with my pups. they love going for car rides. we've had multiple showings and unfortunately no offers (as of this year). we have had a lot of good feedback (as cute as can be...the current owners have it looking great.) and some negative feedback (ceiling height is too low for my tall client, this was a problem...uh well sorry can't fix that...the height is kind of what came with this 1947 house.) b and i decided that at the end of this month, our house will officially go off the market. we are okay with this. going into the selling process...we knew that there was a 50/50 chance of us selling our house and we were okay with that. our house will feel a little tight for a while but we know it's not permanent and when the time is right, we will sell our home and find a bigger one.}

{yesterday we got some wonderful news, Oliver will be getting his Visa Physical next Thursday!!!
Yippeeee!! This was like someone shinning a light on us in a very dark cave. we so needed it!!!
So what does this mean? well there are only two more "big" things we need after Oliver's VP...it's the Emigration Permit (huge item) and then after that he will need his Visa Interview. as of right now, there still has not been any submissions made to the Ministry for EP approval. we are hoping and praying that the Ministry starts the EP process next week!}

{the last bit of information...we are going car shopping this weekend! we finally decided it was time to go and look for a replacement for our dear ol' "big wheels". we have had our "bw" for almost 12 years now. b and i have always agreed that we would never have more then one car payment. once our car was paid off last year, we knew it was a matter of time before "bw" was traded in for something newer. i'm excited to go looking. we are hoping for either a wagon or a smaller suv...something that can fit two dogs, a sweet little boy, two spunky adults and some luggage. wish us luck...i might be back on monday to show our new family member off!}

{have a wonderful weekend!!}
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