{i'm such a sap these days. this weekend b and i went car shopping. it was time, we were in need of a new car that would be suitable for two dogs, Oliver and us. so after two days of shopping...we said goodbye to our dear old friend. this was mine and b's first purchase as a couple. we bought this car on May 21, 2000 and a month later, we got married. this car lived with us in St. Louis and then 4 years later, it moved with us to Atlanta. my younger sister used to call it "big wheels".
we have a lot of great memories driving in that car...sigh. as we were pulling away from the dealership in the new car, i will admit, i had to look back one last time and that's when the tears started to build up....but we left with a car that will become our family car. 
something that has been in the making for more then 5 years.}

{and...one day in the near future...Oliver will be sitting in this seat.}
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